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Mobile • UI / UX / Prototyping • 2016-2017



Neuroon is a sleep tracking and light therapy mask that was crowdfunded on Kickstarter. It was created to help people understand their sleep patterns, mitigate the effects of jet lag, and improve quality of sleep.


The challenge that I faced with this project was twofold. First, I had to review the existing design and identify any parts of it that might be lacking and need improvements. Second, improve the design from the perspective of maximizing UX. All this had to be done whilst preserving the original design style of the app.

Onboarding and dashboard

One of the parts that the application needed was user onboarding process. Onboarding has several design criteria. It needed to be simple, and it had to introduce users to basics of an application. Additionally, onboarding was meant to help pair a Neuroon mask for the first time and collect basic data about the users through an approachable survey, with the goal of adjusting Neuroon’s algorithms to personalized user needs.

App ecosystem was created around the main screen which is a dashboard displaying all the most important information. In the process of developing the app it turned out it will need additional blocks that will help the user better understand her or his sleep patterns, make application more accessible, and make suggestions optimally tailored to the individual.

While researching the pairing process and available functionalities of the mask with hardware and developer teams, it came to light that displaying the Heart Rate can fit on the “Monitoring Sleep” screen. Final version of mask firmware also enables us to expand available options to users.



By delivering the much needed changes and optimizing the UI by prioritizing UX we were able to achieve a mature version of the application which was pleasant and approachable for users to interact with. Upon reaching that stage the obtained design was handed off to the developer team for implementation.

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